Happy Thanksgiving Day History, Facts, Meaning | Thanksgiving USA

Happy Thanksgiving Day History, Facts, Meaning | Thanksgiving USA

Now everyone talking about the Thanksgiving day, which is on 24th November 2016, Wednesday. So we are providing the Happy Thanksgiving Day History, Facts, Meaning | Thanksgiving USA in this post. Then you can easily understand the meaning of Thanksgiving Day as well as its history.

Today’s Thanksgiving Day celebrations would likely be unrecognizable to attendees of the original 1621 harvest meal It continues to be a day for Americans to come together around the table albeit with some updates to pilgrim’s menu.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day History, Facts, Meaning | Thanksgiving USA | What is Thanksgiving? Meaning of Thanksgiving, Really About, History, Facts, Origin, Wiki.

Happy Thanksgiving Day History, Facts, Meaning | Thanksgiving United States of America (USA)

In the middle of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln, prompted by a series of editorials written by Sarah Josepha Hale, proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated on the final Thursday in November 1863.

Each year since 1970, a group of Native Americans & their supporters have staged a protest for a National Day of Mourning at Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day.
CORNUCOPIA, korn-yoo-KO-pee-uh One of the most recognizable symbols of Thanksgiving is the cornucopia, also called horn of plenty. It is a decorative motif, originating in ancient Greece, that symbolizes abundance. The original cornucopia was a curved goat's horn filled to overflowing with fruit and grain. It symbolizes the horn possessed by Zeus's nurse, the Greek nymph Amalthaea, which could be filled with whatever the owner wished.

Thanksgiving Day Observances

Holiday type
Where it is observed
Thu Nov 25    2010    Thanksgiving Day   National holiday  
Thu Nov 24 2011 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 22  2012 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 28 2013 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 27 2014 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 26 2015 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 24  2016 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 23  2017 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 22 2018 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 28  2019 Thanksgiving Day National holiday
Thu Nov 26 2020 Thanksgiving Day National holiday

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The first of 10 national Thanksgiving days was declared by the Continental Congress in 1777. After 1815, there were no further presidential proclamations despite annual editorial pleadings by Mrs. Hale in Godey's Magazine, but the popularity of the holiday grew apace.


  • The first Thanksgiving feast was held in the presence of around ninety Wampanoag and it lasted three days. 
  • President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789 and again in 1795. 
  • Sarah Josepha Hale, an editor with Ladies’ Magazine, started a Thanksgiving campaign in 1827. Due to her efforts, in 1863 Thanksgiving was observed as a day for national thanksgiving and prayer. 
  • Abraham Lincoln issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 3, 1863 and officially set aside the last Thursday of November as the national day for Thanksgiving. Before President Lincoln made this happen, each president used to make an annual proclamation to specify the day when Thanksgiving was to be held.


The meaning of Thanksgiving has undergone numerous transitions. It is an expression of gratitude for survival, a council’s recognition of its flourishing community, submission of the local natives, the defeat over the British, resulting in a collection of our nation’s traditions and values.

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Thanksgiving Day USA

Many Americans think of Thanksgiving as a wonderful time to celebrate getting out of school for a long weekend and eating a great dinner. Or, maybe they think it is the start of the Christmas holiday season.

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However it is not commonly a major modern event and arguably the success of the American holiday has been due to it being seen as a time to give 'thanks' for the foundation of the nation and not just as a celebration of the harvest.


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